Hadlock: An American Rock Band
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The Curious Case of Kris Hadlock

by Lonn Friend
Why and how people enter and exit my life has always been a mystery. If you're an almost famous, semi-public figure with a long and winding road through the infinite, intimate environs of rock n' roll, freaks, faeries and friends appear and disappear with cosmic regularity. Some are here for a moment, others hang around for a spell. Sometimes they hover for a lifetime. Kris Hadlock found me on Myspace in the spring of winter of 2008. Don't look for my Myspace page. It's gone. But Kris is not. He just doesn't go away that easily. Fascinated by his authentic talent for writing songs that hearken that loud and 'lude decade of decadence I documented as editor of RIP magazine and host of the Friend at Large segment on MTV's Headbanger's Ball, I was curious about this head case from upstate New York...
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Superstar (Lost and Found)

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