Verse 1
Should we make love?
Should we make war?
Lay our bodies down
What the hell are we fighting for?
I wrote this song for you
'Cause I never knew what to say
Maybe we could have made it
Another time and....

Run Away...X4

Verse 2
How many times
Can you make the same mistakes
You’re only foolin' yourself
I know the real you from the fake
Miss your touch most of all
It was like the first time every time But when you live by the sword
You're bound to...

You're gonna die...X4

You're my dark angel
Together we're a crime
We're like a bad accident
Where love and hate collide
There's nothing left to save
It's time to go our separate ways

Verse 3
We used to be in living color
Now our love is a battlefield
All that's left is the black and whites
And our fate has been sealed
We're just another statistic
About how it all went wrong
Don't know what you’ve got until it's...
Until it's gone...X4


Love and hate collide
Our love has died
You're my dark, dark, dark angel
Dark, dark, dark kiss me angel
Dark, dark, dark angel
Dark, dark, dark angel yeah yeah yeah

Playin' For Keeps album © 2007
Song/Lyrics written by Kris Hadlock - 7800 Degree Music (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved.

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