Verse 1
I walk the night
All the nightmares have all gone
Reach for the sky
I knew that I was going down
If love is a war get me into the fight

Like a thief in the night you stole my heart
You patched it up, it was torn apart
Now I am the bulls-eye and you are the dart
Fire away
Take aim and fire away

Verse 2
No rest for the wicked
Try and seize the day
Tomorrows are forgotten
Find a different way
End of the tunnel
And now I see the light


All I know is
There is donít try, only do
It's all about me being with you
The things I thought I could never be
You're the one who set me free
Thought I had lost my way
For what you did I could never repay

Chorus X2 Take aim and fire away X4

Playin' for Keeps album © 2007
Song/Lyrics written by Kris Hadlock - 7800 Degree Music (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved.

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