Verse 1
A beautiful child
That seemed to be forgotten
Never had a place to call her home
In a world full of strangers
With no one to hold onto
All her dreams turn into nightmares
As she runs into the tonight

The hurt inside
It's killing her softly
It's frozen her heart
messes with her mind
The hurt inside
It's buried deep within her
Some things time won't heal
She just wants to die

Verse 2
She's a private dancer
Hidden from love
Till I saw her that night
You came into my world ,into my life
Gave up her heart for the very first time



Dreams do come true
If it's just for a while
Babe I was your fashion
And you were my style
What they did to you
Oh how could they dare
'cuz life without you
I just canít bare

Verse 3
You just can't hold on
Love has you scared
This world is so unfair
No matter where you are
I hope you find your way
What you gave of yourself
You will always be a part of me...


Ringleader album © 2010
Song/Lyrics written by Kris Hadlock - 7800 Degree Music (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved.

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