I think about you I'm not gonna lie
Didn't think forever came with goodbyes.
I still think I'd die for you.
Said you didn't love me.
Said it was you.
Guess the fairytale just wasn't true.
How will I ever trust again?
You were the one I signed it over to.
We took an oath and I gave you
My heart and it's torn to pieces.
Forgive not I'm just lying there healing.
I keep on living gotta turn the page
To get past all the hurt and the rage.
I'm still not sure just what did I do?
I carry this scar it just won't heal.
So very sorry but it wasn't the deal.
You ran away can't stop chasing you.
Maybe you let me go.
Was it me who tried to control?
Did you do it all for me?
Will I ever really know?

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Song/Lyrics written by Kris Hadlock - 7800 Degree Music (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved.

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