I can't explain why your heart feels dead and gone
Who am I to tell you what's right from wrong?
Leaving me with that vision in my head
From when I wake up and our love is dead
Our love is listed intensive care
Strapped into this electric chair

Can you feel my love tumbling down
Losing control you're out of bounds
Can you keep my love from tumbling down
If our sky turns black I'll disappear
I won't shed a tear, you won't find me here

Never said many nice things to me
Called yourself a friend, felt like the enemy
Like a sinking ship, that can't get very far
Call the lifeguard, I'm drowning at the bar
One-way ticket to being abused
A season's pass to being used


Wanted nights with you to be heaven-sent
It's not always so black and white, I ask for peace
You wanna fight, saints and sinners dying to repent


Full Disclosure Van Nuys Sessions album © 2010
All Songs/Lyrics written by Kris Hadlock - 7800 Degree Music (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved.

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