Verse 1
Seems like nothing ever goes the way we plan
Time goes by way too fast
Let's slow down and
Make the best of what have

Verse 2
We've gone this far
Lets take some time
To cherish each and every day
God has blessed us in more ways than we can say

When I said I loved you
I meant it forever
When I said I need you Baby that wasn't a lie
Now I've given you
The power of renewed
Unconditional love
One that will never die

Verse 3
Precious are the moments
That we've shared
Though they're few and far between
Let's take time to reflect on what our love means

Verse 4
Through every storm
We weathered on
To keep the fire alive
Lets remember it's what we both have inside

Chorus x3 I've give you, I've given you my love

Playin' for Keeps album © 2007
Song/Lyrics written by Hadlock /Roccisano/Hill - 7800 Degree Music (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved.

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