About Kris Hadlock of Hadlock

When Kris is not rocking out as the lead vocalist for Hadlock, he is mentoring and inspiring teen rockers from all over the Rochester area. He literally runs his own "School Of Rock". His many musical talents from drums to guitar to keyboards to vocals and his driven personality have led him to much success in the music performing and teaching businesses. "I tend to jump and then look for a parachute on the way down", says he. It is that vision and drive that has been key to the band's success.

Growing up just outside of Rochester, New York, Kris started playing the drums at age 4. Growing up and influenced by Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi, Kiss, and David Lee Roth, Kris's first song on the drums was "Come on Everybody" by the King. His amazing talent with the drums landed him in the band The Chesterfield Kings in 1993, with whom he played for 3 years in the mid-nineties. He left the The Chesterfield Kings in 1997 to pursue a solo career, where he was signed in L.A. to a record contract.

Kris is now the lead vocalist and song writer of Hadlock. Co-creating the songs with Richie Roccisano, they have compiled more than 30 original and moving songs that will make your heart sing and your panties fly.

NAME: Kris Hadlock
NICKNAMES: Haddie, Thundercock
BIRTHDATE: June 30, 1972
HEIGHT: 5'11" WEIGHT: 160 pounds
EYES: blue
HAIR: blonde
COLOGNE: Kenneth Cole, RSVP
DRINK: citron and soda
FAVORITE BANDS: Kiss, AC DC, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue
FAVORITE ALBUM: Bon Jovi- New Jersey
FAVORITE HANGOUT: the Rainbow Bar and Grill, Los Angeles, CA
ACTOR/ACTRESS: Val Kilmer / Drew Barrymore
MOVIE: Tough Turf, Top Gun
HIDDEN TALENT: Tying a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Tommy Lee's 1987 drum solo
BIGGEST GOAL IN LIFE: To host and be musical guest of SNL and sell out Giants stadium